3D scanning and 3D/BIM modeling of industrial facilities

3D scanning and 3D/BIM modeling of industrial facilities For our customers, we provide services for 3D scanning and modeling of construction objects:

  • 3D scanning of industrial and architectural objects, auto and railway. roads, with obtaining the final point cloud;
  • Inspection of objects after construction works, comparison with the project;
  • Monitoring of changes in geometric parameters of operated structures and industrial installations;
  • Creation of a 3D model of a construction object. Moreover, both new and existing;
  • BIM model creation;
  • Interconnection of 3D \ BIM model with point cloud. This service is especially relevant when carrying out the reconstruction of industrial facilities. Indeed, often the project documentation for the object is either absent, or has long been out of date. And to get a real picture of the structure, and even more so to place new equipment on it, becomes a far from trivial task. In this case, our specialists can not only create a 3D \ BIM model, but also scan the existing production using the most advanced equipment. And by combining the data to get a visual and highly informative model.

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