Feasibility study

Feasibility study Feasibility Study (hereinafter - FS) is the preliminary design documentation containing basic input data specifying the purpose of investment, investment efficiency justification, including economic, social, commercial potential of facility operation, and information concerning main technical and technological parameters of a construction facility, and calculations with determination of performance indicators of the facility.

The purpose of development of the feasibility study is the reasonable selection of a design solution, which will ensure project viability and efficiency based on review and analysis of the alternate design solutions.

The core task of FS preparation is investment project costs estimate and its deliverables, payback period analysis taking into account opportunities and proposals from the Kazakh producers of goods, works and services. FS provides the investors with the opportunity to determine whether it is worth to invest into the proposed project or not.

Quality FS increases Customer’s chances of gaining of extra profit irrespective of negative business-project impact of various internal and external factors.

Our company possesses considerable experience in development of feasibility studies.

Out FS Department deals with FS developments with involvement of dedicated experts.

We can propose FS development as follows:
- in accordance with the reference documentation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- bank FS in accordance with the international standards;
- in accordance with the Customer’s documentation.

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