New Metallurgy project

New Metallurgy project
Copper plant.
The construction project in the territory of operating plant of the copper plant with an efficiency of 70,000 t copper cathode in a year with copper content in products – 99.99% is developed. Raw materials for copper production are copper concentrates. Coordinating of project works of various firms - Xstrata Technology (Australia), Engineering Dobersek GmbH, SMS Demag, Gautschi&Merz AG (Germany), Outotec (Sweden), Outokumpu (Finland), Mesco (Japan) was performed.

Lead plant.
Replacement to the existing technology of agglomeration with new technology – process of Isasmelt with receiving in the Isasmelt-Pb furnace of the oxidized melted lead-bearing slag with receiving draft lead to 100,000 tons per year.

Sulphuric acid office.
The project on new sulphuric acid office, the 1831 ton sulfuric acid in day is developed for purification of SO2 flue gases of the copper-smelting plant during the continuous work. The technology is based on the license from MECS, a world leader in sulphuric acid area.
Utilization of weak washing acid – evaporation of acid to a certain concentration – is made on technology of Chematur Ecoplanning.

Reconstruction of the operating zinc production with installation and modernization of KS furnaces, with a veltspechy length up to 75 m, electrolysis offices.

Reconstruction of the operating lead production with installation and modernization of mine furnaces, agglomerative installation,

Reconstruction of sulphuric acid production (drying and absorbing offices, washing office, contact device).

Expansion of gold-extracting factory Altyntau-Kokshetau for reaching the production volume capacity of 8 million tons/year with installation of the additional equipment (crushers, a path of supply of ore, the furnace of reactivation of KEMIX in GMO for regeneration of activated carbon after a desorption, etc.)

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