Kazmintech Engineering is continuously updating its IT infrastructure

11.12.2020 At Kazmintech we strictly monitor that the policy of using licensed software applies not only to CAD systems (CAD - computer-aided design system) used in design, but also to all software used in the company, server operating systems, office computers. Only licensed programs are used at the stages of development of project documentation, project support and field supervision, during operation, installation and repair of designed facilities.

They are not limited to one licensing aspect in a design company, because in order to keep up with the market, it is necessary to constantly acquire, update and update the programs used in design to the most modern level. Now Kazmintech uses about 40 names of software vendors or manufacturers from near and far abroad, about 70 names of programs and more than 50 modules for them. Our latest versions help to optimize design time, while all industrial facilities are usually unique, and reduce design errors to zero.

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