Management of design documentation errors

19.04.2021 Design errors are tolerated by all design organizations, regardless of their level. Current design errors are not so terrible, the reaction of the design system to their occurrence is important. What is the nature of these errors: random, systemic? Accordingly, one reaction of the organization will be to random errors and quite different - to system errors in project documentation.
To resolve issues related to design errors, Kazmintech Engineering launched an organizational project "Development and implementation of a functional system" Management of design documentation errors ".
The system should become part of the design process, contribute to a significant reduction in the number of design errors, and on this basis:
  • reduce wasted time;
  • reduce labor costs for error correction and prevention;
  • reduce unnecessary additional financial costs.

“Working on design errors” covers a set of corrective actions “from analyzing the causes of design errors to eliminating them”. The system is designed in accordance with the basic principles of quality management.
The data obtained and systematized by the system will become part of the corporate knowledge base. This knowledge is not recorded in most design organizations, remaining in the heads of individual specialists.
The implementation of the system is especially important for solving the problems of business development and its growth. Solving the problem opens up new opportunities not only in improving the quality of project documentation and design time by reducing design errors, but also increasing the level of competitiveness.
The development and implementation of this system should not be viewed as a cost item, but as an investment in the future of Kazmintech Engineering.

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