New requirements for design and working documentation

19.04.2021 On March 15-18, 2021, an online seminar for designers of Kazmintech Engineering LLP was held - “New requirements for design and working documentation. Organization of the work of compliance supervisor in the design organization "

The decision to improve the qualifications of compliance supervisors was made due to the fact that the organization of their work, the requirements they place on the design (working) documentation, directly affect the cost of design, the quality of products (services) and, ultimately, on the indicators of economic activities and reputation of Kazmintech Engineering LLP in the construction complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The course moderators (authors of methodological documents on organizing the work of compliance supervisors) were faced with a difficult task: to correlate the requirements and experience of compliance supervisor in the Russian Federation with the specific design conditions in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Traditionally, the task of compliance supervisors was understood as ensuring the quality of project documentation in terms of control over the correctness of its execution. However, and special attention was paid to this, the supervisors should also participate in the work to improve customer satisfaction (ISO 9001-2015), develop proposals, in particular, regarding the replacement of individual structures, products and assemblies with standard or previously developed individual ones, reused with consent. the developers of this documentation. The task of compliance supervisors is also to draw the attention of performers to the inexpediency of using outdated designs of equipment and materials, to contribute to the formation of a database of errors tied to specific design solutions.

Also important were specific recommendations for compliance supervisors regarding the psychological aspects of interaction with the executors of design decisions, since not only the effectiveness of their comments, but also the moral and psychological climate in the team depends on this.

As a result of the discussion of these issues, our specialists have developed a clearer systemic understanding of the goals and objectives of the activities of the compliance supervisors, the place of the regulatory control in the organizational structure, the duties of the regulatory controllers, their subordination, powers and responsibilities.

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