"Reconstruction KAO STS with installation VRU KAr-15"

"Reconstruction KAO STS with installation VRU KAr-15" As a part of airdividing installation the project provided the system of storage, delivery and gasification of oxygen, nitrogen and CX-93-1.0/16.5-0.25 argon and the system of autonomous water supply (SAWS).

Unlike earlier applied technology of catalytic technology of receiving argon of high extent of cleaning in scheme LIE PENALTIES-15 the technology of direct rectification of air with production of high-quality argon with the low content of impurity of oxygen (not higher than 6 ppm) is applied. This modern technical solution allowed to lower production expenses at the expense of an exception of technological repartitions of receiving gaseous hydrogen and purification of argon (the elektrolizyorny hydrogen station and office of purification of argon are taken out of service). Reduction of production personnel was 9 people, decrease in energy consumption of 24,500 thousand кWt*hour / year.

Раздел:  Metallurgical

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